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I’m Amanda. I love to eat good food, play my music really loud, and obsess over all things Harry Potter. My three children and I live and play in League City, TX. Together we spend time playing games, having tea parties, and acting like super heroes. I don’t like having idle hands so if I have nothing to do, I clean or snack. Nutella is my biggest downfall, I could eat it all day, ever day. I first picked up a camera in high school in my journalism class and from there history was made.. ha just kidding, but really. I started photography in high school, worked for a local studio and then after our first son, I really got into it. I haven’t looked back since that. I've taken many classes and mentored with the best of the best to make sure that I am fully capable of getting the best photographs for my clients. I fill my schedule with newborns, children, and families because that is where my heart truly lies when it comes to photography. Let's set a date to talk, I'd really love that!

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As a mom to three, I have spent the last 7-8 years trying to memorize every silly face, laugh, curl, dimple and more on each of my children. As they grow, the memories are beginning to fade while new ones are made, and all that is left of those little but precious details are the photographs we have. Knowing how important these are, I go into your session planning to capture it all. Not only do I want to help you create long lasting artwork of your family, I want to leave you with those sweet memories of you and your babies to last you a lifetime and more.


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