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six months milestone… Dickinson, TX

Just when I thought the weather was finally getting nicer, BAM, cold front. What gives Texas?! Luckily me and this cutie had fun with his six month milestone photo shoot in the studio. He definitely made me and his mama work for those smiles, and in the end, my usual tricks didn’t cut it.. instead a singing toy that mama brought and this soft blue blanket was all he wanted from us. Whatever it takes y’all! At one point we thought he was going to doze off, but then decided he had a second wind just as we set up for some sleepy photos, little trickster. All the fake sneezes, silly noises, clapping, and other goofy things we did were totally worth it, because!

six month milestone photo shoot in League City, TX

What I truly love about these six month photo shoots is how it captures all the new things babies have learned. The way they smile and give you deep belly laughs, how they play with their toes, their little wobbles as they tried so hard to sit up by themselves.. So much happens between the newborn stage and one year and I enjoy seeing that growth and the happiness they bring with these new achievements. It means even more when I’ve captured both maternity and newborn, and get to witness these exciting moments! My ‘Grow With Me’ package is one of the best ways to photograph your new little ones first year.

Grow with me packages capture maternity, newborn, six month, and one year sessions. If you’re interested in chatting about these type of sessions, send me a message. I’d love to help you plan and capture these moments for you!

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