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rainy days make everyone sleepy..newborn photo session, Dickinson, TX

A few days ago, I had probably one of my sleepiest babies in the studio for a special project I’ve been working on with another local photographer (I owe her BIG time y’all, she is amazing). When I tell you that this little guy was sleepy, I mean he just let me pose him any way I wanted with only one stipulation- his hands did not go on his face. Maybe it was the stormy weather, which made it super dark in the studio.. or maybe he was just feeling the noise, heat, and poses, but man, talk about an ideal photo shoot! Not only was he super sleepy, but he smiled a TON. It was the sweetest thing ever (yes I know they aren’t really real smiles, but let me just enjoy it ok).

Honestly, I shouldn’t be that surprised that he was such an angel baby, his parents were a dream to work with during their maternity photo session and gave me some of my top maternity pictures to date. In fact, one of their photos is actually on canvas in the studio because I loved it so much! Plus we had a blast during that session with the mud and cold. When you ruin a pair of shoes in the mud during a photo session, you know it was a good one.

I just have to say that my favorite part of this entire photo shoot though was the shot of him with his eyes wide open. I had him all swaddled and ready to go, and he was just staring at me, so of course I went ahead and snapped a the photo. As soon as I grabbed that shot, he closed his eyes and did not open them again until I got him out and unwrapped him. He literally went straight to sleep and I just about died!

Be sure to check back for our special project we are working on. You might even catch a little glimpse of those special smiles I was talking about.

newborn photography session in Dickinson, TX area
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